Thanks for providing us with feedback about our maintenance services. All feedback helps us improve the housing services that we provide. We take all feedback seriously. 

If you have an unresolved urgent maintenance issue, please call 1300 362 487 immediately to report the problem.

You are welcome to leave feedback anonymously, however if you have an outstanding issue that you would like fixed, we encourage you to provide contact details so that we can follow up with you and resolve the problem. 

This is not a complaints form. All tenants have the right to make a complaint if they are unhappy with any aspect of our service. If you would like to make a complaint, there is more information about our complaints and appeals process, including information about how to make a complaint, here. 

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IF YOU HAVE AN UNRESOLVED URGENT ISSUE, PLEASE CALL 1300 362 487 IMMEDIATELY TO REPORT YOUR REQUEST. Did the repair you were reporting relate to the safety or security of your home, a smoke alarm, your supply of water, gas or electricity or a major plumbing issue?
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