Address Housing is a not-for profit specialist community provider. All donations are gratefully accepted to keep this program running to ensure that our vulnerable women and children are safe. 


How can you help?

By donating today, you are helping women and children who have been affected by domestic violence. This allows Address Housing to continue to provide a roof over their heads whilst they get back onto their feet by receiving further study and employment opportunities.  

Address Housing offers housing solutions to women and children at risk of homelessness because of domestic violence.

Realistically many victims can't stay in their original home - whether owned or rented.

Address Housing offers women and children stable, subsidised long-term accommodation (up to 5 years)

Women can move forward on a path to independence.  They get a chance to address any issues, complete their education, acquire new skills - whatever is important for them.

Children get stability in housing and also schooling and children with fewer school transitions and more stable school environments do better at school. Children’s social and emotional health outcomes are better if they avoid frequent moves and financial stress.

It costs us about $10,000 per annum to subsidise one additional family in reasonable rented accommodation.